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Why You Do not be rushed Upgrading Town Hall (Rushed Town Hall)

Rushed Town Hall hack

The picture above is one example Rushed Town Hall. Seen clearly Town Hall has reached the maximum level, while other buildings are still weak or we call it premature.

Through these images, we can conclude that Rushed Town Hall is a state of too hasty in raising the level of the town hall, so that other buildings are not balanced with the level of town hall.

Players who act Rushed Town Hall many of them decided to stop playing. This happens because of the negative impact of the action Rushed Town Hall.

Here is an explanation of the various negative impacts rush in raising the level of the town hall (only applies to people who simply maximizes the level of town hall, not including troops and building);

Rushed Town Hall

1. Low Level Troops

This happens because only the town hall which raised the level, while the troops still have a low level. With the lack of troops would have been very difficult to get the maximum results when raiding villages. Also when the clan war, the perpetrators Rushed Town Hall like a waste that is not needed. Because they can not fight the enemy with the same town hall with a weak troops.

2. Low Level Buildings

Already discussed above, that the perpetrators Rushed Town Hall has an imbalance between the town hall with the other buildings. So that the town hall has a maximum but the other buildings are still premature. This situation resulted in the village easily destroyed by others. When clan war is very detrimental clan. Because the village can be destroyed easily.

3. Lack of Experience

Experience is the best teacher. In life, people who are full of experience will be easier to succeed. Because people who are full of experience have tasted the sweet and the bitter struggles of life. Similarly, the COC, the player who played from the start slowly evolved have felt ups and downs of every process that occurs. While rusher (actor Rushed Town Hall), never felt the hard work in achieving the highest level of town hall (unless you have another account without Rushed Town Hall). Rusher will be confusion with this game because it does not know anything, and finally decided to stop playing.

4. Hard to Get Loot

Doing Rushed Town Hall can lead to difficulties when searching for loot when raiding other villages. Want to know why something like this could happen? Here’s the explanation


town hall looot multiplier

From the above table it is known that if the town hall level equal or higher amount of loot obtained will remain intact (100%). Suppose loot available is 400K Gold then we can take also is 400K Gold.

If we attack the enemy with the town hall townhall two levels below us then we will only have 50% only, when available 200K Gold loot, then that can be taken only 100K Gold course.

The small loot accompanied by weak forces and buildings. So get the loot must be painstakingly using weak forces. The result was not optimal. Loot obtained easily robbed opponents because of weak building.

Eventually players rusher who could not stand to be frustrating and decided to delete the game and then hang gadgetnya (ngalah-ngalahin football player who retired).

So the answer to the title of this article is because so many of the negative impacts of Rushed Town Hall. Instead you’ll regret it later and decided to stop playing. Better you play and improve the village slowly but surely.