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How to Play Clash of Clans More than one account in one device

Plays only one account in Clash of Clans Android might be a little bit boring for some people. As it turned out, within a single Android smartphone you can play more than one account (multiple accounts) Clash of Clans.

By playing one, two, three, or even four accounts at the same time you certainly will not be too bored waiting builder in the first account if all its builder busy. In addition, you can also play Clash of Clans account of others while waiting for your builder to work.

coc multiple

How To Main Many Clash of Clans Account in One Android

Before getting into how to play a lot of CoC in the Android accounts, make sure the new account you’ve played previous COC and also never signed in to Google Play Games.

Before you make two or more accounts coc in 1 android then you must have a Gmail email as much as you want to create an account COC, for example, want to create a second account COC then you have to have 2 email gmail, because the account game Clash of Clans direct reloading and going straight connect with your gmail account, well, when you’re ready and already have a gmail email then follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the settings or settings, then select Application mgr / or APL, then select Applications Clash of Clans.

clash of clans apl
After that please select Applications Clash of Clans
clash of clans apk

3. Then remove this data point is that you can play the game from the start, remember not to forget to the first account that gmail and password

remove apk
4. After the process is completed the next step is you need to create a Google account to connect with the new COC account for it please go to Settings and then select Google

add google5. Select the COC gems hack Google+

google plus
6. Please add a new Google account that you created that will want to connect with a new COC account
add account coc
7. Once that is complete do we then go to Game COC or long you last.
Once open please select Settings, and later there will be visible Google+ Sign In with status of connected
8. Then further tap Connected who had the status Google+ Sign In will be Disconnected. Then select a device link -> G + Sign In
clash of clans 9
9. Then select a new Google account you created earlier, click OK

10. After tuning in Google Account Alert then later appeared notice or other notices containing that if we are really sure to change the Google account in Clash of Clans to be playing with the Google account new that here you are still unsure on this stage there is no effect because you are already connected main account with a google account first one.

clash of clans hack 10

Furthermore, you have to type the “Confirm” then OK for the approval of the notice or the notice in order to be able to play using a new account or accounts that have been made previously
confirms coc
After Confirm game will reload itself that signifies that you play using both your google account earlier.
Bit Note:
If you wish to add new accounts, the steps are the same as above so chances are you can play the game Clash of Clans with multiple accounts, but preferably two accounts is enough

Thus was how to play 2 Clash of Clans account in one android.Jadi with your own android now you can already play the second game of his COC as well Congratulations to play the game and do not forget to remember the time for activities other positive things

How to Play Clash of Clans on PC Desktop & Laptop Mac OS

Clash of Clans is the games of the supercell was a scene the last few months or at short COC, this game is one game that relies Strategy, Timing, and intelligence. This game is also one of the games that the trend in Androin and iOS platforms. Ok we just started step by step Clash of Clans download games via PC or Desktop

  • Download Application Emulator commonly in use Can Using Bluestack or Enox (Bluestack similar application but lighter)
  • Once the application has finished downloading, open the file directly install and run the app.
  • Then, click the app “app sync” in the emulator.
  • Press enter and then enter your Google account, if you already have if you do not make no advance sign-up option
  • After successfully connected, directly aja find Clash of Clans game by clicking “Search” in the emulator Bluestack
  • Then open the application, later appeared bootscreen Clash of Clans congratulations you’ve been able to play Clash of Clans with happy

Early arise usually appears instruction a game you just follow the step by step ikutin wrote to completion, and then click the settings icon in Clash of Clans connect with google account plus connected with COC game on android

clash of clans play pc and laptop

Thus the tips we can give the next I will discuss tips on how to start games Clash of Clans, so stay tune,

Watch Clash of Clans video playing Mac Os desktop and laptop PC OS


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