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Tips to Protect Base You in Clash of clans

Are you a Clashers games Supercell ? Of course if you too are gamers Clash Of Clans Attack and attacked a natural thing and is very common in this game, there are a few rules in this game you can not attack when your opponent is in a position to play and vice versa, you also will not can be attacked by an opponent when you’re playing games or Online.

For those of you who do not have the game Clash of Clans can learn here

How to Play Clash of Clans Started On Play to Dekstop and Laptop

Let us consider the tips to protect your base from enemy attack
base coc

1. Remember, the best defense is attack!

Waking up a strong headquarters can protect themselves from attackers. Very satisfying to see the enemy attack you and fail.

2. Ensure that your headquarters are concentrated in one area, not spread.

base clash of clans

3. Position the important buildings in the most preserved.

Place the storage and town hall in the middle of your headquarters, behind the defense and walls.

4. Place the builder huts in the corner.

That way, when the enemy attacked the headquarters of the central part of you, they will not have time to attack the huts builder also.

base coc tool online

5. Continue to improve your defense.

Once you have earned enough resource, immediately make you stronger headquarters by increasing the Walls, and tower defense.

6. Use trap as much as possible.

Traps do more damage to the enemy attack and very worthy to be upgraded, one attack can easily wipe out a small group of troops and wounding a large army. Put them in places unexpected cunning people.

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7. Protect all your defenses.

Finally, you can replace them with more sophisticated defenses more like an archer tower and anti-aircraft defense. Mortar can do more damage per shot but his shot is very slow. Place the mortar in the middle of the headquarters of you because of blind spots and mortar incredible range far. If you do not have any anti-air defense, the headquarters you will be attacked by healers.

Preparation Building Clans Starter for Android, iOS

Actually game Clash Of Clans First Appeared in iOS and Year Later Appears on Android is here that the early start of the game is to blow up in Asia and became popular worldwide, Before you get started you need to recognize to have games Clash of Clans following step – step makes clan coc

1. Build your headquarters or base.

The priority is to make you a more defensive headquarters so that no one takes away your property. The focus was to place the Town Hall in the center of the headquarters of you making it difficult for the enemy to take the trophy from the town hall you.

clash of clans preperation

2. Go to the Shop and buy items to protect your headquarters, usually located under the category of “Defense”.

Defense is a good start and Mortar Walls. If you have, the less likely for someone to attack you and steal the gold and elixir. Walls would be far better performance when improved so make sure you do it fast enough. Try to raise the Walls to level 3 as soon as possible.


3. Because you have a resource that is limited at first, increase Walls and buildings are the most important.

Very nice if you can protect the town hall, gold elixir storage and storage. Override builder huts and army building. Also, do not try to put the Walls around the village. Then it is better to have a layered Walls of the only layer.

coc gems build

4. Use gold, elixir and gems you so wisely.

Do not be wasteful, especially gems because it is quite difficult to obtain. Do not use your gems at the start of the game no matter what happens! Keep a builder to build a hut!

Use your gems to build huts builder. You’ll be tempted to spend it, but do not let it happen. You will need gems yours later.
The most efficient way to spend gems is to invest in huts builder because it allows you to upgrade some of the towers and other defenses as well.
Do not spend gems to buy gold or elixir storage at first, because you do not need them.

5. Decide whether you want to use real money to further advance in this game.

You can buy more gems with real money. There are other ways to get gems rather than spend. So if you do not want to spend your money, do not worry. You can get gems when you destroy a tree and a barrier around your headquarters.