How to Join Clan and Socialize With Other Players

Clash of Clans is a mobile game that players here can build community, train troops, and attacked another player or clan. Join the clan will give you the ability to face the clan and other players, and also increase your online gaming experience

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One interesting thing in the game Clans Clash Of these, as the name suggests is Clans, which means the group, COC game players can create or join the Clans Clans to then unite in attacking the opponent’s defense or ask for help soldiers to defend or attack.

1. You need to rebuild the clan castle so that you can join a clan.

A few days after the start of play, find your castle clan and immediately upgraded.

join clans
2. Once you build a castle clan, seek immediate clan to join.

Take your time to check and see what looks good to you. You are advised to join the clan whose content people online at the same time as you. join clans coc

3. Members of the clan can not attack each other, and sometimes they can give military assistance.
clans rejects

4. A clan is a good way to find a new strategy of attack or defense.
4 clans join war

5. If you join a clan, you’ll often chat and get to know other people.

You also can attack and defend together those who pick the same level as you.

clans war
6. A clan can participate in Clan Wars, where members of the clan can go deal with other clan members and get a substantial reward if victorious.

7. If you do not like your clan this time, immediately switch to another clan.

You may find yourself in a clan whose members are much older or younger than you. Or, maybe they all speak different languages. We recommend that if you are looking for a new clan feel uncomfortable.

8. Within the clan there is a possibility for you to be promoted as the “Clan elder”, this gives you the ability to remove players from the clan. clan elder

9. Members with high levels tend to donate and share high-level troops.

10. If you are not interested in joining a clan, but still want to socialize, you can do it in the global chat.

Global chat is a chat room is open to any players who are online.

clans 11

11. Note that you will be excluded from the global chat if you excessive use offensive language.

Additional Tips for Clash of clans Playing Games 

Tips offense and defense:

It’s important to have a good attack and defense.
If you are in a clan, it’s good to share the troops; the more troops you share, the more likely you will get the rewards.
Upgrade clan castle is a good idea because it is a great way to increase your attack without spending any elixir.
Train troops before you attack with all the soldiers so that when you finish the attack, the troops that you train before will be available; thus, saving time spent to train soldiers.
Village / headquarters / base you can not be attacked by other players when you are online.
The single player mode is also a good way to get gold and elixir (especially the higher level).
Vary the force you use to find the combination of forces that fits your playing style. Once you find a good combination, use a combination of them, until you open a new army

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