How Easy Clash Of Clans Farming Strategy with Troop Goblin

Goblin has the advantage to move quickly and are the fastest land forces in the COC. However, Goblin easily defeated. Goblin weaker than Barbarian, but more powerful than Archer in terms of health.

Goblin is Troop game Clash of Clans green with small body size brown sack. Goblin is a fourth troop that could be opened by the player COC.


When attacked, the main target Goblin is Resource Building. With a quick motion, Goblin can be used to destroy as Gold Resource Building Storage, Storage Elixir, and so quickly.

Because Goblin is very weak and its main target is the Resource Building, are advised not to exert Goblin in the absence of other forces. Unless all of the opponent’s defense had been destroyed, muster Goblin to accelerate destroy all the buildings before the time runs out.

How to strategies to attack using the Goblin.

1. Goblin is a great force to take resource opponent. If the base is protected opponent Wall, destroy it first Wall to Wall Breaker. In essence, pack first blocking the path to the resource as a way past the Goblin. After that, you will Barbarian, Goblin, or other more powerful forces to distract Cannon, Mortar, and other land defense, while the Goblin take resource. If you do not want to risk the possibility of Goblin is defeated, first destroy all opposing defenses with other forces.

2. A bunch of Goblin easily destroyed when the shot was fired defense cause a spark, such as Mortr, and Wizard Tower. To anticipate that, muster Goblin gradually, do not exert Goblin all at once. Additionally, you can also deploy Barbarian and Giant as a protector when the Goblin Goblin take resource.

3. Goblin army is very good for fishing trap. With a quick motion, allowing Goblin out of the trap range. This strategy is especially helpful in Single Player Campaign mode.

4. As mentioned above, the main target Goblin is Resource Building. If all the defense has been destroyed, while the building is in the middle of the resource base, you can use the Goblin to take these resources. Goblin will ignore other building and went straight to the Resource Building. After all Resource Building was destroyed, Goblin and destroy other buildings remaining.

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