How to Earnings Games Developer Clash of Clans

Do you know how much revenue the developer Games Clash of Clans is the best games two years in a row around the world, what is the income of the game COC?

Is it true that the game could generate USD 65 billion per day?

coc money

Reportedly Clash of Clans game developer Supercell is to achieve earnings of USD 5 million per day. Whereas the monetization of the game instead of the ad, and the game can be downloaded for free.

Then why are they able to generate a lot of money?

There is no other company seems to reap the rewards of more than a business model that is run Supercell. Game Clash of Clans is phenomenal now ranked first among all games its applications in 80 countries. These calculations are new to Google Play (Android), not to mention calculated based downloads on the Apple Store (iOS).

Of the active users of the game, pretty much who dare spend their money to purchase items in-game app that can help make it better. The items are very necessary, especially to speed up the process of building the Clans to be more powerful. This was the source of income of the phenomenal game.
Clash of Clans is not only “popular” because it arrives on mobile devices in 2012, they also dominate the applications and increased revenues every year. In addition, they also increased the number of downloads over time.
Income from year to year

coc statistic revenue

At the end of 2012, Clash of Clans has generated revenues of around 101 million dollars of the years The following year, ie in 2013, revenues skyrocketed COC – which amounted to 892 million dollars of the years.

Then, in 2014, noted that the COC income reached Rp 65 billion every day. If multiplied by the number of days in a year (365), then the gaming revenue is Rp 23 trillion every year. Absolutely fantastic!
Perhaps this is not surprising, given the COC game is very popular around the world and it is directly proportional to income. And it certainly does not affect his status as a ‘free game’ and ‘no advertising’, because of the way they make money by ‘different way’ and not disturb the comfort of the user.

What is achieved by COC game is certainly the evidence that the application or game developer profession is very promising smartphone. In addition, business continuity will take some time because supported by the number of smartphone users continues to grow each year.

The question now, Would you like to become a developer of applications for smartphones?

Finally, so many of us first review the amount of income from COC game that was fantastic. Hopefully this review can provide inspiration for my friend all.

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