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Troop New Might Be Going in Game Clash of Clans

Do you think will Clash of Clans launch the latest troop through the newest update? And about any new troop yes that will be present in the update later? Mimi loves ya gan a little leak, for you who are curious about the latest force CoC.

Update on the game Clash of Clans has become the most anticipated moments of the Clasher today. And usually, in every update there are many events and new features presented so as to make the Clasher excited and curious to see there was anything in the latest update of this game. Of the many events and features of Clash of Clans game updates before, the players are very enthusiastic if any new troop were present. And if we talk of new troop, maybe you have a lot to see some fan art and an artificial troop of the Clasher, and this time we have been selecting some troop cool that might be present in the game Clash of Clans.

New update Troops Might Clash of clans The Next


1. Centaur

Troop defense can attack opponents with a longer distance than the archer, in addition to the foot horse he can jump over wll belongs opponent with ease. Who knows how many elixir or dark elixir for this troop train that troop surely this would be very dangerous if it will be present at the next update Clash of Clans.


fire dark

2. Fire Drake

Fire Drake is the ultimate evolution of the Dragon, with this troop you can more easily destroy the opposing defense with bursts of fire is very deadly. Plus more on the troop movement speed is above the Dragon, would base the opponents will be much easier to be destroyed.


3. Angel

Angel is a combination of the archer and healer, but surprisingly this troop can not heal the wounds of the other forces, but in the wound will heal itself. In addition hitpoint of the troop is larger than the archer.


arch wizard

4. Arch Wizard

Greatness wizard in issuing the skill is the excess of this troop. Great damage as well as multi-targeted attacks that can make the base of troop opponent tiered face this one. And what if this troop evolved into Arch Wizard which have more devastating damage and hit point bigger? Opponents would have created fear with this one troop.



5. Spider

You probably know what the advantages possessed by the spider webs that he had. And Spider in the game Clash of Clans can later be issued webs and slows the attack of defense and troop opponent brothers.

Unfortunately troop-troop above is just the input of the players Clash of Clans bro. And hopefully one of troop above can be input into the Clash of Clans game, so this game will be more exciting than ever. And do you think, is there any of the troop over which to present the updated Clash of Clans Next Players


How Easy Clash Of Clans Farming Strategy with Troop Goblin

Goblin has the advantage to move quickly and are the fastest land forces in the COC. However, Goblin easily defeated. Goblin weaker than Barbarian, but more powerful than Archer in terms of health.

Goblin is Troop game Clash of Clans green with small body size brown sack. Goblin is a fourth troop that could be opened by the player COC.


When attacked, the main target Goblin is Resource Building. With a quick motion, Goblin can be used to destroy as Gold Resource Building Storage, Storage Elixir, and so quickly.

Because Goblin is very weak and its main target is the Resource Building, are advised not to exert Goblin in the absence of other forces. Unless all of the opponent’s defense had been destroyed, muster Goblin to accelerate destroy all the buildings before the time runs out.

How to strategies to attack using the Goblin.

1. Goblin is a great force to take resource opponent. If the base is protected opponent Wall, destroy it first Wall to Wall Breaker. In essence, pack first blocking the path to the resource as a way past the Goblin. After that, you will Barbarian, Goblin, or other more powerful forces to distract Cannon, Mortar, and other land defense, while the Goblin take resource. If you do not want to risk the possibility of Goblin is defeated, first destroy all opposing defenses with other forces.

2. A bunch of Goblin easily destroyed when the shot was fired defense cause a spark, such as Mortr, and Wizard Tower. To anticipate that, muster Goblin gradually, do not exert Goblin all at once. Additionally, you can also deploy Barbarian and Giant as a protector when the Goblin Goblin take resource.

3. Goblin army is very good for fishing trap. With a quick motion, allowing Goblin out of the trap range. This strategy is especially helpful in Single Player Campaign mode.

4. As mentioned above, the main target Goblin is Resource Building. If all the defense has been destroyed, while the building is in the middle of the resource base, you can use the Goblin to take these resources. Goblin will ignore other building and went straight to the Resource Building. After all Resource Building was destroyed, Goblin and destroy other buildings remaining.

Why You Do not be rushed Upgrading Town Hall (Rushed Town Hall)

Rushed Town Hall hack

The picture above is one example Rushed Town Hall. Seen clearly Town Hall has reached the maximum level, while other buildings are still weak or we call it premature.

Through these images, we can conclude that Rushed Town Hall is a state of too hasty in raising the level of the town hall, so that other buildings are not balanced with the level of town hall.

Players who act Rushed Town Hall many of them decided to stop playing. This happens because of the negative impact of the action Rushed Town Hall.

Here is an explanation of the various negative impacts rush in raising the level of the town hall (only applies to people who simply maximizes the level of town hall, not including troops and building);

Rushed Town Hall

1. Low Level Troops

This happens because only the town hall which raised the level, while the troops still have a low level. With the lack of troops would have been very difficult to get the maximum results when raiding villages. Also when the clan war, the perpetrators Rushed Town Hall like a waste that is not needed. Because they can not fight the enemy with the same town hall with a weak troops.

2. Low Level Buildings

Already discussed above, that the perpetrators Rushed Town Hall has an imbalance between the town hall with the other buildings. So that the town hall has a maximum but the other buildings are still premature. This situation resulted in the village easily destroyed by others. When clan war is very detrimental clan. Because the village can be destroyed easily.

3. Lack of Experience

Experience is the best teacher. In life, people who are full of experience will be easier to succeed. Because people who are full of experience have tasted the sweet and the bitter struggles of life. Similarly, the COC, the player who played from the start slowly evolved have felt ups and downs of every process that occurs. While rusher (actor Rushed Town Hall), never felt the hard work in achieving the highest level of town hall (unless you have another account without Rushed Town Hall). Rusher will be confusion with this game because it does not know anything, and finally decided to stop playing.

4. Hard to Get Loot

Doing Rushed Town Hall can lead to difficulties when searching for loot when raiding other villages. Want to know why something like this could happen? Here’s the explanation


town hall looot multiplier

From the above table it is known that if the town hall level equal or higher amount of loot obtained will remain intact (100%). Suppose loot available is 400K Gold then we can take also is 400K Gold.

If we attack the enemy with the town hall townhall two levels below us then we will only have 50% only, when available 200K Gold loot, then that can be taken only 100K Gold course.

The small loot accompanied by weak forces and buildings. So get the loot must be painstakingly using weak forces. The result was not optimal. Loot obtained easily robbed opponents because of weak building.

Eventually players rusher who could not stand to be frustrating and decided to delete the game and then hang gadgetnya (ngalah-ngalahin football player who retired).

So the answer to the title of this article is because so many of the negative impacts of Rushed Town Hall. Instead you’ll regret it later and decided to stop playing. Better you play and improve the village slowly but surely.